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  隨著2019年11月30號的考試落下帷幕, 整個11月5場考試就全部結束了, 本文將對11月的雅思考情進行回顧、總結, 分析目前的考試趨勢,新航道名師們會在如何備考上給到各位“烤鴨”一些建議, 希望能夠幫助各位“烤鴨”在接下來的考試中順利“屠鴨”。




  Topic : Study


  Do you work or study?

  對于這個問題大多數學生只有一句:“I am a student.”或者“I'm studying.” 這樣的表述雖然回答了問題,但是卻難以展示語言水平。這也是大多考生的通病,太過于聚焦問題本身而忽視了做相關的拓展。

  所以我們要先明確part 1 的答題整理結構是怎樣的:

  1. answer the question (給出回答)

  2. expansion (做出拓展)

  第一步大家都可以做到,給出明確的答案“我現在還在上學”。那么拓展可以從哪些方面展開呢?可以包括:features,examples,details,experience等。這道題除了告訴考官“I am a student” 還可以補充道:在哪里上學,所學專業是什么,現在處于幾年級,以及你對于現在學習生活的感受是什么。


  I am a student in Nanjing University and now I’m in the sophomore year.

  *大一:first year/ i am a freshman; 大二:second year/ sophomore; 大三:Junior year; 大四:senior year

  I'm a student now and major in business, which is not easy but really interesting.


  What’s your major?/what subjects are you studying?

  這個時候很多同學只會把專業的名字:一兩個詞語甩給考官。試問你的回答還沒有考官問題長讓考官如何評價你的口語水平呢?這個時候可以補充你的專業Features or details。

  E.g.1:My major is/ I am major in business. It’s really interesting because we can learn lot’s of knowledge in various fields, including marketing, finance and economics.

  E.g. 2: My major is Human resources which is interesting and indeed, however (however 也可放在句中要轉折的信息前以表強調), a tough task that has endless deadlines at the end of each semester.


  I am studying law because it’s a really promising major and I’m hoping to pursue it as a career in the future.


  Topic: Haircut



  curly 小卷,

  wavy 大波浪

  straight 直發,

  braid  辮子


  fringe/bang 劉海兒,

  side-parted / middle-parted偏分/中分


  crew cut 平頭

  Bowl cut 鍋蓋頭

  Spiky hair刺頭

  Mohawk [?m??h??k] 雞冠頭(莫西干發型)


  理發店千萬不要說hair shop, 而是barber’s /barber shop

  “我昨天去剪頭發了”不是 “I cut my hair yesterday”,這表示你親自操刀了卻了三千煩惱.而是:“I got my hair cut yesterday. / I got a haircut yesterday.”

  Tony, Kevin們的真實身份是 barber/hairstylist/ hairdresser

  其中有道問題說: Have you ever had an unhappy haircut experience?




  短語:without a doubt; of course


  I’m pretty sure.

  I believe so.

  I supposed I have.

  I would say / have to say yes


  I doubt it.

  Not really.




  I have to say yes. Once upon a time, I told the hairdresser exactly what I wanted my haircut to be, you know, the common crew cut. But the result is that I had to keep a Mohawk hairstyle for almost 2 weeks.


  Well,i don't think i had such experience. Because I know a barber who is really qualified and reliable, which means I have always been satisfied with his haircut skill.

  Topic: Jeans

  牛仔褲相信大家肯定人手一條,所以有道題問我們: Why jeans are so popular?

  一般對于物品類的話題我們要清楚從哪些角度進行描述: color,material, size, age, function, meaning or memory.


  Material:jeans are made from Denim, essentially, which is just cotton. 丹寧布是做牛仔褲的專用面料,本質上就是棉。

  Color:indigo. 靛藍色,也就是dark blue,是牛仔的專用顏色。

  Price:affordable for most people, even students. 價格對于學生來說也可接受。

  Style: easy-matching 百搭; creative and unique design in some fashionable brands. 有些潮牌的設計很有創意,很獨特。


  Too skinny to do sports: 太緊了不適合做體育運動

  Hindering blood circulation 甚至緊到阻礙血液循環

  Too casual to attend some formal occasions 特別正式的場合穿牛仔褲就不合適了。

  這些語料不僅僅可以回答這道題目,類似于“Do you like jeans?” “Is it popular to wear jeans in your country?”,“Do you often wear jeans?” 等題目也可以使用。

  E.g.1 : Definitely I like wearing jeans. You know, jeans are made from denim, essentially, which is just cotton. It is really comfortable and durable enough for wearing and tearing every day.

  E.g.2: To be honest, I have to say I’m not really into jeans. Because some of jeans are too skinny to do sport exercise. Since I am a basketball lover (籃球愛好者),jeans might not a proper choice for me.

  Topic : Hometown

  Hometown 這個經久不衰的話題本月考頻熱度依舊未見。雖然看似是個老生常談的內容,但想要答的出彩也需要策略。

  Where is your hometown?/Where are you from?


  如果家鄉是一二線大城市,那么我們可以來總結一下the features of big cities.

  優點:Vibrant; modern, prosperous,cosmopolitan, hustling and bustling, full of hustle and bustle,advanced public amenities (such as shopping malls, cinemas, bars, hospitals,schools...), various transportation, many high-rise skyscrapers ....

  缺點:congested traffic condition, over populated, fast pace and heavy burden of life....


  優點:peaceful and quiet,carefree and joyous lifestyle, idyllic scenery, closed to nature...

  缺點: inconvenient transportation, far away from city centre and public amenities, cramped streets,lack of job opportunities....

  E.g.1  My hometown is XXX, which is a prosperous big city with plenty of high-rise skyscrapers. But sometimes I also felt it’s indeed over-populated.

  E.g. I come from a small village named XXX. I really enjoy the idyllic view there which provides us a carefree and joyous lifestyle.


  Will you still live there in the future?

  In what ways has your town or city changed since you were a child?


  E.g. 1 Well, to be honest, I am not willing to stay at this small town after graduating. It too isolated that the traffic is too inconvenient, which means if I need to see a doctor, it would take me almost 1 hour drive to the city hospitals.

  E.g. 2 I have noticed that the number of the population in my city has increased dramatically. That has been reflected in the frequent traffic jams especially during peak time.

  Part 2

  根據不同考點的考生回憶,本月的高頻part2考題很豐富多樣。下面為大家總結了幾個11月份不同類型的part 2 的題目。

  People 人物類

  Describe a person who is good at his or her job

  You should say:

  Who this person is

  What his or her job is

  How he or she likes the job

  And explain why this person is good at the job

  這道題目將people和work兩個話題結合了起來。我們可以首先從人物入手。人物類可以從appearance 和personality兩個角度展開。很顯然,本題的構思重點可以落腳在personality上,描述一下人物對于這門工作反應了哪些人物性格,即人物對待工作有哪些積極態度。例如,responsible,patient,diligent等。或者可以側重點放在人物是如何在工作上experienced and qualified。無論從什么角度分析,一定要結合具體事例來進行說明。這也是人物類話題中需要注意的一點:一定將人物和事件的描述相結合,才能使我們的內容充實。


  My mother is a lawyer which is a so stressful and time-consuming job. Her customers are always some managers from different kinds of companies. They turn to her to consult all kinds of legal questions. Sometimes she helps them interpret laws and regulations, gathering evidence to formulate defense and initiate legal actions (什么樣的工作以及大概的工作內容主要有哪些).

  She is a really diligent eager beaver(工作積極主動的人), which means she often gets home late, totally exhausted. Sometimes, she even forgets to have dinner and burn the midnight oil for work (熬夜加班) until 11 o’clock at night. My father always asks her to change her job or just be a housewife, but she never agrees with the suggestion(平時的工作狀態表明了diligent). She loves performing legal research, drafting legal documents and following up after a court decision. Therefore, I know she would never give up her job, however difficult and tiring it may be.

  Being a lawyer is never easy. When I wake up and go to the bathroom at midnight, the light in the study is always on. She always treat her work carefully and seriously so that she has to read many documents and a lot of previous cases just to make sure she isn't refuted in court. I still remember last month she was very anxious because the client refused to provide all the detailed information for the sake of privacy. Then my mother spent half a month persuading him into trusting her (具體的一個事例來說明工作態度的carefully and seriously).

  This year, she was awarded as one of the best lawyers in her firm. I think she deserves that considering she has always been so devoted to her job (在工作中取得的成就). She also sets a very good example for me and I have learned the precious spirit of work ethic from her (對我的影響).


  A sense of fulfillment and achievement 成就感

  Excessive workload 過量的工作負擔

  A stressful and time-consuming job  壓力大且耗時間的工作

  Work under enormous stress 在巨大的壓力下工作

  Backbreaking/ laborious task 很艱巨的任務

  A demanding job 要求很嚴的工作

  Work ethic 敬業精神

  Be well-staffed 員工素質高的

  Be an eager beaver 工作積極主動的人

  Work around the clock 毫不停歇地工作

  Be tired up at work 忙于工作無暇估計其他事

  Media 媒體類

  媒體類的話題無外乎是TV-programs,movies,advertisement,songs等。本月考官們似乎對電影話題重燃舊情。“A movie you would like to share with your friends” 多次出現在考生回憶中。

  Describe a film you would like to share with your friends

  You should say:

  Where you watched it

  What it was about

  Who you watched it with

  How you felt about it

  And why you want to share it with friends


  電影的大概信息:actors/ director/ type/...




  “You have a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. ” (以經典臺詞作為開場白既引起考官興趣,也顯示語言功底)

  I believe you’ve heard this sentence. Yes, it’s a famous line from the American film The Pursuit of Happiness which is directed by a renowned director Gabriele Muccino. And the leading role stars (由。。擔任主演) my favorite actor,Will Smith(電影基本信息) . It about a struggling(拼命) father who encouraged his little kid to be brave and not to give up when faced with predicaments (電影內容梗概).

  When I was at high school, my teacher played the film for us in class one day. I was under excessive pressure(壓力大) at the time as I wasn’t performing well in my exams. My parents were worried about my study and my mental health. This movie was important because it became the symbol for most of my classmates including me. I gathered up courage and tried much harder. I kept telling myself that I ought to protect my dreams. This movie touched the bottom of my heart,(直擊心靈) and I felt deeply moved and motivated (在生活中的鼓舞).

  In addition, it was also fantastic in improving my oral English. I used to read the lines over and over again, and surprisingly I found my pronunciation improved after time (在學習上的幫助). So now I’m willing to recommend it to my friends, and hope it will be useful for them too.

  Object 物品類

  本月“喜歡穿等衣服” 這一話題又多次出現在很多考生的視線中。

  Describe a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing

  You should say

  What it looks like

  When do you wear it

  Where did you buy it

  And explain why you like it

  衣物類的題目不算新話題,但關于對衣物的描述很多同學們除了對衣服的名稱和在哪里買到之外,很難再有其他方面的內容展開。此題屬于對物品類話題的考察。我們首先可以再次回顧一下關于物品可以從哪些方面進行描述。Color,material, size, age, function, meaning 都可以是很好的發散方向。其中,關于顏色的描述,我們除了可以使用常見的赤橙黃綠青藍紫之外,可以關注一下Pantone公司每年推出的流行色,例如:serenity(靜謐藍),ginger yellow(姜黃色)chili pepper(辣椒紅),peach pink(蜜桃粉),Galaxy blue(銀河藍),greenery(草木綠),living coral(活力珊瑚,2019年度色)...這些顏色既可以展示我們的知識面,又增添了內容的趣味性。如果大家擔心考官不了解這些時髦顏色,我們可以在敘述中以定語從句的方式加以解釋,例如,This skirt is serenity which is a kind of blue was produced by Pantone Incorporated. 此外關于物品的meaning也是可以濃墨重彩來展開的方面。如果是別人送的禮物,代表了什么含義,表達了什么情感,甚至可以當作一個事件來敘述。

  回到衣物話題本身,首先對于衣物的面料、設計和品牌可以進行細致的描述。如果是be made of cotton, 可以說穿起來soft and warm,如果是silver,可以說smooth and cool。設計如果很又個性我們可以說the design is trendy and stylish,如果很日常我們也可以用easy-matching(百搭)來形容。如果你對這件衣物對品牌很了解也可以簡單介紹一下這個牌子的信息。此外,穿這件衣服的場合也是值得一提的方向,甚至可以將這個場合當作事件來展開,比如為了畢業典禮媽媽特地送我一件luxurious gown,在那天我作為學生代表發言,大放異彩。


  My favorite piece of clothing is a casual jeans jacket. It is a short button downed jacket(扣扣子的夾克) that comes in light denim (丹寧布,牛仔專用面料) blue. The jacket is designed in the trendy style, with two invisible pockets on the sides. (顏色和設計)

  It fits me through the shoulders and hits at the hip(長度剛好及臀) when I wear it. I bought the jeans jacket a year ago online from Forever21,which is a famous brand and popular among young generation (品牌信息). I was shopping for workout clothes when I encountered the jacket on sale. It turned out to be my favorite piece of clothing that I own. I always wear this jacket in spring and early autumn, when the weather is not terribly chilly. I can wear it in the daytime when I go to classes and also during nighttime when I hang out with friends.

  The primary reason I love the jacket is that it fits me perfectly, it seems like specially tailored for me(量身定制) and all my friends say I look sharp(樣子時髦帥氣) dressing in it. Also, the jacket is not too heavy or lightweight, even on a warm summer day, I can tie it around my waist when the temperature is higher and put it on at night when it gets chilly. Last but not least, the jacket is of good quality, unlike other hard denim fabrics, the material feels soft and comfortable. I’ve been wearing this jacket for almost a year and it still looks just as new as when I bought it.




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